CREATING A FASHION CATWALK is not something most people do every day. It’s a daunting prospect, to take a vision from a notepad of ideas to a full-scale fashion and artisan craft production.

GABRIELLA BAVONE found herself in just such a situation. As a skilled seamstress, her creativity in dressmaking attracted the attention of JANE BINNION, who on the spur of the moment, suggested the idea of creating a fashion show.​

Gabriella considered this idea, whilst working alongside other women who designers and crafters. Their ability to create bespoke outfits in a sustainable way, gave her the idea creating a fashion show which would demonstrate the possibility to be fashionable and yet environmentally-conscious at the same time.

who are we?


  • To raise awareness of the social and environmental damage being done by our fast fashion habit and offer realistic alternatives for all budgets

  • To showcase local makers and designers to encourage more ‘trade local’ for local economic growth.

  • To provide skills training for local women who would like to work , who have unmet aspirations due to being socially disadvantaged and who will get inspiration and support from being involved in a high profile event

 behind the scenes of the Slow Fashion Show 2018

photos by Ginny Koppenhol © 2018 slow fashion lancaster

meet the team

From left to right: Gabriella Bavone, Ginette MacDonald, Lisa Corkerry, Jenifer Ryder, Jane Binnion,  Claire Stephenson, Antonella Caputo, Ginny Koppenhol - photo Robert Dickinson - © Slow Fashion Show 2018

Jane Binnion founder of The Growing Club CIC
copyright © 2019 Slow Fashion Lancaster