20 October 2018

Ashton Hall - Lancaster


'Regardless of height, size or shape, we are all beautiful' , Jenifer Ryder (Model Club)

To be fashionable means to be stylish, and this can be achieved by everybody, no matter their shape and size. The SLOW FASHION CATWALK SHOW is a showcase of hand-made styles for any person who dreams of breaking rules and preconceptions. The hand-picked models are all out to prove that sustainable fashion is for everybody.

photos by Robert Dickinson - by Ginny Koppenhol - © slowfashion lancaster

The Designers

Artisan Bazaar

Blue Lune Designs

Duxbury Design 


Samira Kitman

Georgia La Roousch




Textile Candy


The SLOW FASHION SHOW is an idea by Gabriella Bavone and Jane Binnion.

Organizer:  Gabriella Bavone

Fundraising:  Jane Binnion

Admin:  Lisa Corkerry

Presenter:  Jasmine Hall

PR:  Claire Stephenson

Graphic Designer:  Antonella Caputo

Makeup and Styling:  Melvic Makeup

Catwalk organizer:  Jenifer Ryder

Photographers:  Ginny Koppenhol, Robert Dickinson

Music and Lightning: Matt MacDonald

Video: Oliver Hallam

Entertainment: Lucy Reynolds

The Models

Harriet Ball

Mark Birkett

Sandra Birkett

Jane Binnion

Gillian Bromley

Sarah Clews

Lisa Corkerry

Katie Duxbury

Ena Lund

Jaqui Newton

Jules Orr

Jenifer Ryder

Phoebe Ryder

Adam Sykulsky

Jennifer Tucker

Wami Tucker

Nargiza Turvey

Sheila Wilkinson

copyright © 2019 Slow Fashion Lancaster