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Take a chance!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Slow Fashion Lancaster, The Growing Club and Un-Factory Lancaster, believe in building opportunities for all women who want to create sustainable businesses.

In preparation for this year’s Slow Fashion Show, funding from LUSH means we can offer an opportunity for 2 unemployed women to work with us to showcase their seamstress skills, to participate in the Slow Fashion Catwalk event on 19th October at Lancaster Town Hall.

The candidates will be unemployed with good skills in dress making (cutting from pattern, use of sewing machine).

Slow fashion lancaster - sewing cafe'
Slow Fashion Lancaster 2018 -Sewing Cafe'

You will work with the 2 designers Gabriella Bavone and Ginette MacDonald to design and produce a unique piece of your choice to be modelled as part of the evening show.

To apply please email telling us about some of the clothes you have made already.

Deadline to apply 20th June 2019


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