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why slow fashion

SLOW FASHION is a new movement based on traditional techniques, driven by craft-makers, skilled seamstresses and tailors.


With their high levels of talent and expertise, these skilled individuals can produce garments that respond to ideals of high value and craftsmanship.

Slow fashion is the opposite of FAST FASHION, with its cheaply-produced, disposable garments which use up resources and are bad for the environment.


Technologies now exist which allow the fashion industry to embrace sustainability and equality. 


Despite some initial resistance, the slow fashion concept is now at the core of production amongst top fashion designers.

4 facts about fashion

  1. it’s a global industry worth $2.4 trillion dollars

  2. it employs around 50 million people

  3. it’s said to be one of the world’s most polluting industries

  4. in the UK alone, two million tonnes of clothing and textiles are thrown away each year and only 16% of that waste is reused. Only 20 % is collected for reuse or recycling.

The natural world provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for fashion and design. Our interaction with nature can be used to create an environment for sustainable fashion

fabric waste.jpg

Get involved!

Our clothing and fashion choices affect everyone. We can help by making considered choices on a personal level which in turn, can impact on a wider industry level.

As part of the way we do business, Slow Fashion Lancaster's values include empowering people within communities. This is essential to being a changemaker, from the grassroots right up to promoting a positive global shift in how fashion can become a sustainable industry.

We can help to change the cycle

by implementing the 5 Rs.

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